It is like a rush! More and more your ego is challenged at the poker table! The only thing that counts now is to win. And the winner is the one who has the most chips in his hands.

In every live casino in the world you have to buy the chips with real money first. This is where Swiss Casino Online comes in. Why do you have to change your money for chips at all, why can’t you play with cash? The reason is very simple! It’s much easier to get chips – than to bet cash! The psychological change begins at the cash register. So small, so easy, play money, there is no longer any relation to its real value. Chips immediately entice you to be more reckless with them.

While chips are easier to stack and count, they remove most normal people from the actual purchase values. This change in the perception of money increases with every minute you stay at the table. Your opponent throws a pink/blue chip onto the table. A quick glance from you, the number is registered – 5,000 Euros. Your cards are good enough and you call, raise by 5,000 euros. Expected Value, Pot Odds and Outs are taken into account, but you don’t waste a single thought on what else you could do with that money. It is only a chip, abstract!

Completely, really completely different would be your estimation, if you had to take twenty 500 € bills out of your pocket and throw them into the pot at that moment. You will only realize the true value of your chips again when you exchange them for cash at the cashier.

This psychology of a change in value is even more extreme in online poker, for example at Lady Hammer Casino. After you have used your credit card or a bank transfer to fill up your virtual balance, there are not even chips left, but only a symbol representing the chips. Using virtual numbers to have the discipline to respect the value of money is even more difficult. An alienation process that can only be successfully resisted and possibly controlled with a lot of mental training. More here:

Healing energies: A search for traces in old Vienna

Energy work is an ancient (eastern) practice, say the users. A fashion from America, say critics. Both are not entirely wrong, but they both ignore the fundamental influence of a doctor working in Vienna. International esoteric movements of the 19th century like spiritism and theosophy would be just as unthinkable without the influence of Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) as the emergence of hypnosis research and thus psychotherapy. Mesmer himself always considered himself a natural scientist. The ambivalent assessment of his „energetic“ treatments is not foreign to today’s energetic practitioners.

What do energetic people mean when they talk about energy?

May we all prosper – Impulses for the spirit

The last months have been challenging for many of us. For some more, for some perhaps less. Personally, I was fortunate to have had some time to think and reflect on some things in life. For some years now, I have been concerned with the topic of well-being – not only my own well-being, but the well-being of all living beings.

It is natural and important to make sure that you feel good about yourself. However, it seems to me to be indispensable to have the well-being of all other living beings in mind as well, so that we ourselves can be well in the long run. I have become more and more aware of how much we are embedded in a „Great Whole“ in which all living beings are more or less connected to each other on the different levels. The separation – if you can call it that – for example, that we have a body that is physically separated from its environment, is in some ways real, of course, but overall I believe it is an „optical illusion“.