May we all prosper – Impulses for the spirit

The last months have been challenging for many of us. For some more, for some perhaps less. Personally, I was fortunate to have had some time to think and reflect on some things in life. For some years now, I have been concerned with the topic of well-being – not only my own well-being, but the well-being of all living beings.

It is natural and important to make sure that you feel good about yourself. However, it seems to me to be indispensable to have the well-being of all other living beings in mind as well, so that we ourselves can be well in the long run. I have become more and more aware of how much we are embedded in a „Great Whole“ in which all living beings are more or less connected to each other on the different levels. The separation – if you can call it that – for example, that we have a body that is physically separated from its environment, is in some ways real, of course, but overall I believe it is an „optical illusion“.

he fact that we need air to breathe and food to maintain our bodily functions gives us an indication that everything could be connected to everything else. As soon as air and food are lacking, our body dies rather quickly. Also on the level of our feelings and thoughts (keyword telepathy) we are connected with other living beings, and in my opinion to a much greater extent than we were aware of before. Separation and connectedness exist side by side in a certain sense, depending on the level of consciousness we are looking at and to which we are tuned. More:,-wenn-es-bei-paaren-kriselt-zeller-coachin-gibt-impulse-_arid,2175281.html

In the „simultaneity“ of separation and connectedness, there is also a little difficulty in the context of well-being. Because, to a certain extent, with a biotope such as planet Earth, it is inevitable that living beings „harm“ other living beings. Namely, not least because they mutually serve each other as food. But this might have been planned by the „Great Life“ – the cosmic intelligence – which our universe has produced. In my opinion, the crucial point is to see where we have leeway to spare other living beings suffering and where the right mediocrity is to be found here.

An example: I can say with my nutrition, I eat only vegetable food. Or I can say that I eat vegetable and animal food, but neither meat nor fish. So I eat the products, such as eggs and cheese, which can be obtained from an animal without killing the animal. Then of course I could also say that I eat meat and fish, but only rarely and only from animals that I can assume with high probability that they had a good and beautiful life. Last but not least, I could also say that I eat everything and do not make a concrete distinction here.
I have this leeway – we have this leeway, at least here, in Western Europe today. I personally eat, for example, meat, fish and other animal products, but meat and fish are not very often and I also try to eat meat and fish from sources where I can assume that the animal in question has had a species-appropriate life. This is my personal compromise. I have found that animal products are good for my body to a certain extent. I think that this choice can and must be made individually by each of us and there is not just one „patent solution“. Every person is different and has a different physical constitution. Person A could benefit from animal products, whereas maybe person B does not need them at all to be healthy and happy. There are so many options and very good products available today in the vegan diet that make a healthy and balanced diet possible.

When I have eaten meat I thank the animal for it. It brings a sacrifice for me.
Because who says that only people have the right to be well? I think that every living being should have this right. Many things are a question of perspective and point of view.


What I mean by this is this: If I were to ask you the question, „Are there giants on Earth?“ What would you answer then? Perhaps you would say: „Yes, there are giants, but only in fairy tales“. Yes, that is of course a valid answer. On the other hand, I could tell you with a clear conscience that there are indeed giants on earth. It all depends on the angle of view. From the point of view of a cat, for example, all humans are giants. This occurred to me the other day when I was stroking our cat and watching it look up at me. Her head is at the height of my lower leg and she has to look quite far up to see my face. This reminded me of the old Hollywood movies of Sinbad the sailor or Aladdin and his magic lamp. There are also giants, genies and cyclopses there, and the heroes of the stories just reach over your foot. From the point of view of an ant, a cat is a huge animal. And so it goes on…

It is all a question of perspective! I believe that it would do us as humans with unter very well to change our perspective and put ourselves in the position of other living beings. This would possibly broaden our understanding of them quite a bit. Tenzin Gayatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, by the way, is very much involved with the topic of compassion for other living beings, among other things. I find his views on this very remarkable. In the blog article 34 | „The Wisdom of Compassion“ – book tip you can read more about his views.


As I may have mentioned elsewhere, I am relatively sensitive. This has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that I have a relatively good feeling for situations and am therefore able to do my energetic work in an intuitive way. However, one challenge posed by this great sensitivity is that I perceive a lot of things that happen in my immediate and wider environment. For example, I sometimes feel anxious or nervous, but I know that it has nothing to do with me directly. I think that in a certain way I perceive how the living beings around me feel.
Especially since the beginning of the corona situation, I often perceive a very great restlessness when I get up in the morning. I used to experience this again and again, but in the last few months it has been particularly frequent. Of course, there are also possibilities and techniques to distance yourself from such influences to a certain degree. One possibility is to become aware that the influence comes from „outside“ and is not directly related to my current situation. This awareness alone then creates a certain distance between me and the unpleasant feeling. The result is a calming and mental relaxation, at least most of the time. Additionally I can imagine that there is an energetic protective field around my body. This field only lets in impulses that are good for my body, my soul and my spirit. All other impulses may stay outside. Sometimes this works very well, sometimes less well – depending on the situation. Why I now go so far: For me personally, the well-being of all people/living beings has a direct influence on my own well-being. Or in other words: The more comfortable the living beings in my environment feel, the more comfortable I feel. Therefore it is in my personal interest to promote the well-being of other people and living beings in general. If they feel well, this also has a positive effect on me. Thus my activity as an energetic person indirectly benefits myself.